Alpine Carpet & Tile Cleaning
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Thank you for visiting our site. We would be more than pleased to talk to you about your house and clean it to perfection. You look around our site and see what you think about it and hopefully you enjoy your stay! Feel free to contact us anyway you wish and we will be glad to do business with you!
We are a locally owned and operated business that will exceed all of your expectations. Our business technique is wet water extraction which is different from the typical dry clean system. With the use of dry cleaning in your house,  a lot of dry chemicals are used and then vacuumed up, leaving a lot of  unattended dirt and chemicals. For this business, we feel leaving behind all this grime in your carpet takes the point out of a carpet clean in the first place. This is why we choose to use the wet water extraction system, which does not leave your carpet full of chemicals and dirt. Our extraction system will take out all unwanted stains, dirt, and pet problems as well as, extract all the water to leave your carpet dry in nearly a couple hours.

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